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Unity of Tacoma
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Matt Corey
Music Coordinator, Unity of Tacoma
Vocals; Extra Percussion
Music Team Leader
Choir Director
Unity Band
Denise Cameron
Vocals; Guitar; Bass Guitar; Extra Percussion
Music Steering Team
Joy Song Leader
Unity Band
"Strings Attached"
Linda Fahlgren-Moe
Unity Band
Kurt Fralick
Bass Guitar
Unity Band
Marty Jagodensky
Guitar; Violin
Recording & Composing
Music Steering Team
Unity Band
"Strings Attached"
Joe Mundo
Music Director Emeritus
David Robbecke
Guitar; Ukelele
Music Steering Team
Unity Band
"Stirings Attached"
Becky Thatcher
Music Steering Team
Team Trainer
Unity Band
Regular and recurring guest musicians:
Jeanette Alexander
Jeanette Alexander is an Award-winning composer-pianist and recording artist in the Seattle area. She has three CDs to her name and her compositions have been featured in commercials, films, radio, as well as on airlines.

Her music takes the listener on a spiritual journey. Her piano style is soulful, heartfelt, emotional, tranquil and spirited. "I find that I naturally write music that touches the inner quiet of a person; their heart, their hopes, and that Still Point, we all have."


Narayan & Janet
The music of Narayan & Janet is creating a buzz among the ever-growing numbers of people who want music to reflect their spiritual awakening and nurture a sense of love and joy.

A delicious blend of jazz, R&B world music, Beatles and Sanskrit chant influences will feature their wonderfully blended vocals, Janet’s keyboard sounds, Narayan’s jazzy muted trumpet and flugelhorn melodies and you’ll wonder...how do two people produce all of this music?!

Some of the couple's earliest collaborations included performing with Alan White (Yes), Roger Fischer (Heart) and Spencer Davis. Janet began playing professionally at 14, and went on to tour and record with such artists as Albert Collins, Merrilee Rush and Randy Bachman and New Age musicians David Lanz and Paul Speer. She also was the host on Rock TV, a Spokane TV show, and wrote and starred in a music video for Pinnacle Productions winning the New York Film Festival. Narayan also began showcasing his talents at a young age, performing lead trumpet in numerous jazz bands. He toured internationally with the Harry James Big Band and was a regularly-showcased performer on cruise ships. He also worked as a soloist for a variety of world music, jazz, and R&B bands.

Rafe Pearlman

In a powerful form of musical redemption, Rafe Pearlman entrances audiences with his rarified vocal harmonics, emotionally intelligent songwriting, and magnetic performance style. Rafe's music is experiential,revealing a holographic collection of images, tempos, and tones. Steeped in diverse world music traditions, Pearlman's "no frills" presentation of voice and solo guitar is as personable as it is ecstatic. His stories, poems, and travelogues weave the spirit of nature, and the divine, into the human experience.

Born in San Francisco, and currently based in Seattle, Rafe draws his material from childhood years spent along the shores of Cape Cod and meandering the Alaskan bush, and later explorations of Pacific Northwest forests and waterways, Hawaii's majestic abundance, and his inner and outer travels worldwide. He began investigating the intersections of music and art at thirteen, followed by studies at the Art Institute of Seattle, and participation in Seattle's early "grunge" scene. In the summer of 1999, he sailed for two weeks along Canada's Inside Passage, singing to and recording with whales, as part of a larger research project exploring human relations with aquatic mammals.



David Rhys-Johnson

I live an incredible life around my music and my love for the outdoors and self-growth--I have been fortunate to have found my bliss early in life when I was introduced to the piano at age 9. I have been performing non-stop since the age of 12.

I have released many CD's of piano music and have played the piano/keyboard on countless other performers CD's. Much of my music is available to purchase at www.cdbaby.com, you can also contact me directly with questions or for purchases.

My music also allows me to occasionally travel the West coast making love to the piano--Yes! I make love and in front of all those people! I live with my Golden Retriever Cheyenne in a wonderful "tree-house" like house with a studio downstairs, from which I teach piano. I am very well self-defined in life style, personal beliefs, and in what drives my life.

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