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3906 S 74th St #101, Tacoma, WA 98409

Sundays at 10 AM

We do not tell you what to believe; we teach you how to thrive.
We do not give you dogmatic answers; we explore the questions with you.
We do not label you; we accept you as you are.
We do not say which path is right; we bear sacred witness to your journey.
We do not indoctrinate you; we teach you to love yourself and others.
Welcome to your spiritual home. Welcome to Unity of Tacoma.


November 20, 2019 @ 3PM

"Starry Night" Fall Celebration

Join us for our annual fall celebration. We will have live music by Stephan Plummer. Refreshments will be served.

11/20/2019 @ 7PM

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Join us for this candlelight vigil. Take a stand for Peace and Love.


Unity of Tacoma celebrates One Humanity, Many Stories in 2019

Sometimes it is said that if you knew another person’s story, you couldn’t help but love them. Each of us has known hardship and heartbreak, just as each of us has known joy. Some people have overcome unimaginable adversity while others seem to have been blessed with all a human being could ever want. Yet a greater story overarches them all: We are all one. Despite the appearance of separate bodies, individual personalities, and different pursuits, we are one humanity. Like a prism divides light into a rainbow of colors, we humans express God in infinite ways. One God, one humanity, many stories.

One God, one humanity, many stories.

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    Send mail: PO Box 112289 | Tacoma, WA 98411