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April 19, 2018

Board Members present: Debora Burks, Rev. David Elliott, Kathy Hemion, Ann Sealy, and Marsha Williams.

Absent:  Curtis Beech

Also Attending:  Denise Demos (Ministry Asst.), Raylene Ewing (Assoc. Minister)

Quorum: A quorum was present.

Opening Prayer: Rev. David Elliott

Mission/Vision Statement: Affirmed by all present.

Check-In/High Watch:   Marsha held the high watch.


Secretary Report: Minutes from the March 2018 Board Meetings were presented by Rev. David and Kathy Hemion         .

Treasurer Report: A report on budget and finances was presented by Marsha Williams with full discussion following.

Minister Report: Rev. David Elliott

  • Our Palm Sunday service was March 25, when we celebrated the ceremony of Spiritual Communion.
  • Our Community Outing on March 22 to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Tacoma Little Theater was a success.  Five community members attended.
  • Easter Sunday was April 1.  ChristineEss Young led the Unity Singers in creating a rousing Easter service.
  • Our Spring Forward Series, “The Lenses of Life,” began April 8, and it seems to be progressing well.  This material is not derived from a book but is originating with Rev. David.
  • MCFHC held its annual Multicultural Night yesterday evening.  There was some fallout regarding our regular Wednesday events, but as a one-time experience we can work around it.
  • Our first experiment with live-streaming Spiritual Roundtable on Facebook was a success, despite considerable background noise.  We reached 180 people with 111 views; several people checked in while we were streaming, and we had online questions and comments from two people.
  • Plans are underway to livestream or video-record our Sunday Celebrations.  We are researching and discussing how to get this online quickly.
  • We have 3 teenagers attending the YOU Rally this coming weekend.  ChristineEss Young is driving the teens to and from the event.
  • Plans for membership classes have been pushed back several times as we’ve faced rapid changes and focused on expanding our online presence.
  • Our Sisters-in-Spirit Women’s Ministry’s April event is this Sunday, with “Sacred Movement” presented by Jennifer Hyder.
  • The “Baby Shower” diaper drive sponsored by the Vitality Team will begin May 13, which is Mother’s Day.  It ends on Father’s Day, June 17.  This year we will bring the display out on Sundays, and keep it locked up during the week.
  • We changed Semrin Gokeri’s hours so that to be all on Sunday morning.  She will take on some of the Sunday Coordinator’s tasks as time goes along.
  • Rev. David will attend a face-to-face meeting of the NW Region Board on April 26-27 in Seattle.
  • Rev. David will attend UWM’s annual convention in the Kansas City area in June.
  • Rev. David will be away for vacation for a week in July.
  • Our annual Community Picnic is scheduled for August 26.
  • Planning is underway for the Chaplain Training in September.

Committee & Team Report(s)

  • Finance Team/ Marsha Williams, Chair
    • Marsha brought up the need for a formal rental agreement with MCFHC.  Rev. David will ask whether they have something already and let them know we have a prototype if they don’t.
  • Vitality Team/ Denise Demos, Chair
    • Mothers’ Day, May 13, we will begin our Baby Shower diaper drive, which will end on Fathers’ Day, June 17.
    • Discussions are underway for our summer events, which could include Art on the Ave, Tacoma Pride, and our church picnic.
  • Communication Team/ Raylene Ewing, Chair
    • Raylene is keeping an eye on social media trends, and reported on the ones she follows for ideas.  She pointed out several aspects that are trending.
    • Raylene and Denise are meeting soon to discuss communication possibilities coming up.
    • Moving forward, we need to set up ways to accept donations online.

Ongoing/Old Business:

  • We still need to recruit one Board member to fill a vacancy.
  • The tithes we elected to send to NW Region and UWM from the sale of the building has been mailed.

New Business:

  • We will have a Town Meeting on May 20 at 11:30 am to provide information and receive ideas, opinions, and feedback regarding our recent sale and potential plans for coming months.  Rev. David moved.  Motion was seconded and passed.
  • Marsha presented ideas about moving some of our funds around and setting aside necessary funds for the future.  We will likely have a Special Board Meeting, to be decided at the regular Board Meeting in June.
  • The next Board Prayer session is scheduled for May 3 at 6:30 pm.
  • The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for May 17 at 6:30 pm.

Closing Prayer – Debora

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