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July 19, 2018

Board Members present: Debora Burks, Curtis Beech, Rev. David Elliott, Ann Sealy, Marsha Williams.

Absent:  Kathy Hemion

Also Attending:  Denise Demos (Ministry Asst.), Raylene Ewing (Assoc. Minister)

Quorum: A quorum was present.

Opening Prayer: Rev. David Elliott

Mission/Vision Statement: Affirmed by all present.

Check-In/High Watch:   Debora held the high watch.


Secretary Report: Minutes from the June 2018 Board Meeting and July 5 Special Board Meeting were presented by Rev. David on behalf of Kathy Hemion.

Treasurer Report: A report on budget and finances was presented by Marsha Williams, with full discussion following.

Minister Report: Rev. David Elliott

  • We held a Unity Basics workshop on July 7, with 4 participants and 3 applicants for membership.
  • Rev. David just returned from a week of vacation and is grateful for the work of everyone who makes it possible for him to get away.  Special thanks to Raylene for delivering the message on July 8 & 15, and the immense work she puts into Spiritual Roundtable.
  • Our Summer Series “Nonviolent Communication” began June 24th, and it seems to be going well.
  • The reboot of Spiritual Roundtable is underway as planned, to take place during our Summer Series and to be completed before our Faith in Action fall program, so that anyone who wishes may participate.
  • Efforts are still underway for livestreaming or video-recording our Sunday Celebrations.  We are researching and discussing how to get this online in a way that will make the greatest constructive impact on viewers.
  • 4 teenagers are planning to attend the upcoming NW YOU Rendezvous.
  • Plans for membership classes have been pushed back several times as we’ve faced rapid changes and focused on expanding our online presence.
  • Our Sisters-in-Spirit Women’s Ministry’s June meeting was facilitated by Denise Demos. We had 11 participants including 2 youth. This month Janet Rhodes will lead NVC for women.
  • SIS Craft Circle has begun and runs 6-7:30pm on 2nd and 4th Mondays of July, August and September. Eight people gathered to knit, crochet, draw, and write.
  • Our annual Community Picnic is scheduled for August 26.
  • Planning is underway for the Chaplain Training in September.  They are also planning to attend the NW Region Conference on the day of workshops by Linda Martella-Whitsett.  That will suffice for training provided no one new steps forward.  Should that happen, the Chaplains will all train together on the official material, but our Chaplains are still committed to attend the conference event.
  • Planning is underway for Faith in Action in the fall.  The book will be “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown.

Committee & Team Report(s)

  • Finance Team/ Marsha Williams, Chair
    • We are still waiting for a proposed formal lease agreement from MCFHC.

  • Vitality Team/ Denise Demos, Chair
    • Plans are being refined for our church picnic on August 26.
    • Denise purchased a piano after viewing one herself at Ted Brown, to make certain it fits the criteria we set for ourselves.

  • Communications Team/ Raylene Ewing, Chair
    • Raylene is working on updating the tri-fold brochure, to have ready in time for the picnic or a sudden move.
    • Raylene reported on progress toward setting up ways to accept donations online.

Ongoing/Old Business:

  • We still need to recruit one Board member to fill a vacancy.
  • Denise reported her findings on the possible sale of the piano, and Rev. David reported on a conversation with a nearby Unity church.  The Board voted to sell the Baby Grand piano for no less than $2000, asking $2500 from everyone.  Debora moved.  Marsha seconded.  Motion passed.
  • Rev. David reminded the Board of the donation of 2 burial plots we received several years ago.
  • Marsha reported on 2 properties that were viewed recently, for rent.

New Business:

  • The next Board Prayer session is scheduled for August 2 at 7:00 pm.
  • The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for August 16 at 7:00 pm.

Closing Prayer – Debora

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