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March 15, 2018

Board Members present: Debora Burks, Rev. David Elliott, Kathy Hemion, Ann Sealy, and Marsha Williams.

Absent:  Curtis Beech (excused ahead of time)

Quorum: A quorum was present.

Opening Prayer: Rev. David Elliott

Mission/Vision Statement: Affirmed by all present.

Check-In/High Watch:   Marsha held the high watch.


Secretary Report: Minutes from the February 2018 Board Meetings were presented by Rev. David and Kathy Hemion         .

Treasurer Report: A report on budget and finances was presented by Marsha Williams with full discussion following.

Minister Report: Rev. David Elliott

  • Our Winter Series “Happy This Year” ended last Sunday.  Rev. David couldn’t be more pleased with feedback and comments on the series.
  • The Sisters in Spirit event on February 25 was successful.  The presenter for March had to cancel, so we’re going to skip it this month.
  • The children’s Spring Pageant scheduled for March 18 has been cancelled.
  • Palm Sunday is March 25, when we will celebrate Spiritual Communion.
  • Easter Sunday is April 1.  ChristineEss Young is leading a choral group.
  • Rev. David was successful in transferring our phone number to a cell phone at MetroPCS, after it was questioned due to our landline being cancelled while we were waiting for Comcast to provide a PIN number.
  • Mary Coleman has indicated she is no longer going to be our Youth Ministry Coordinator.  Ministry Assistant Denise Demos has identified a community member to keep the Quiet Bags project going.
  • Plans are underway for membership classes & special gatherings to facilitate our pending move.
  • Our Vitality Team has shelved plans for a Circulation Day in May, as there are unresolved questions and issues with use of the building for that.
  • The “Baby Shower” diaper drive will begin May 13, which is Mother’s Day.  It ends on Father’s Day, June 17.
  • Rev. David will attend a face-to-face meeting of the NW Region Board on April 26-27 in Seattle.
  • Rev. David will attend UWM’s annual convention in the Kansas City area in June.
  • Rev. David will be out for 11 days in July for his annual silent Vipassana retreat.

Committee & Team Report(s)

  • Property Management Team/ Ann Sealy, Chair
    • This team is being disbanded, and no further reports are needed.

  • Finance Team/ Marsha Williams, Chair
    • Marsha presented information on the Tithely app, which would cost us more than our current system, which we will keep for now.
  • Vitality Team/ Denise Demos, Chair
    • We are having a Community Outing on March 22 to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Tacoma Little Theater.
    • The Vitality Team is no longer planning for a Circulation Day on May 18.
    • Mothers’ Day, May 13, we will begin our Baby Shower diaper drive, which will end on Fathers’ Day, June 17.
    • Discussions are underway for our summer events, including Art on the Ave, Tacoma Pride, and our church picnic.
  • Communication Team/ Raylene Ewing, Chair:  Raylene is responding to communication needs as they arise.

Ongoing/Old Business:

  • We still need to recruit one Board member to fill a vacancy.

New Business:

  • We will tithe to NW Region and UWM in the amount of $2000 each from the sale of the building.  Motion:  Debora Burks.  Motion seconded and passed.
  • The next Board Prayer session is scheduled for April 5 at 6:30 pm.
  • The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for April 19 at 6:30 pm.

Closing Prayer – Debora

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