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October 18, 2018

Board Members present: Curtis Beech, Debora Burks, Rev. David Elliott, Kathy Hemion, Ann Sealy, Marsha Williams

Absent:  None

Also Attending:  Denise Demos (Ministry Asst.), Raylene Ewing (Associate Minister)

Quorum: A quorum was present.

Opening Prayer: Rev. David Elliott

Mission/Vision Statement: Affirmed by all present.

Check-In/High Watch:   Deb held the high watch.


Secretary Report: Minutes from the September 2018 Board Meeting were presented by Rev. David and Kathy Hemion.

Treasurer Report: A report on budget and finances was presented by Marsha Williams, with full discussion following.

Minister Report: Rev. David Elliott

  • The orientations for Spiritual Roundtable went well, and the group seems ready to build again.
  • Livestreaming or video-recording of our Sunday Celebrations is somewhat on the back burner, but is still a topic of conversation going forward.
  • One teenager from our ministry attended the NW YOU Rally last weekend; Rev. David has not yet heard a report.
  • The September SiS event was Sunday September 23, when Carrie Avery Moriarty presented “A Novel Approach to Writing” to 9 attendees.  An idea was expressed about starting a writers’ group, and conversation began about that.
  • SIS Craft Circle ended its run in September as a success, and there may be a possibility for a future group.  There is a specific request from 2 attendees that we host more sessions.
  • The October SiS event is being led by Elizabeth Bennett, who will present on the topic of Developing Intuition.
  • The November SiS event will be led by Rev Sue Auvinen, whose event will be called “The Cross Roads,” on healing deep-soul injuries through art.
  • Our Chaplain Team attended the NW Region Conference on the day of workshops by Linda Martella-Whitsett.  At this point we have two Chaplains continuing; Rev. David has communicated with them about adjusting the schedule for that.
  • Faith in Action began on September 30, based on the book “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown.
  • Plans are underway for Y.O.U. Sunday on November 25th.
  • Rev. David is considering a theme for Christmas, but he hasn’t settled on one yet.
  • ChristineEss Young is scheduled to provide music for our services on Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve.
  • Previously, Rev. David reported that Associate Minister Raylene Ewing will be attending the Chaplain Train-the-Trainer event in Saint Johns FL next March.  That is on hold for now, at least.
  • Rev. David is still considering a Drum Circle Service on Sundays and is looking for the right support people to make it stable.
  • Membership classes will be a focus as we move into 2019 in our new space.
  • Rev David may present “Financial Peace University” in 2019.
  • Rev. David will attend the Annual Summit in Houston this February.
  • UWM has a new policy on Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for Ministers and Licensed Teachers, beginning January 1, 2019.  Every minister will be required to have 5 CEU’s per year, including at least one education opportunity on inclusivity and one on ethics.  Rev. David’s attendance at Conference and Annual Summit give him ample opportunity to attend.
  • Rev. David will attend the Unity Conference in June.

Committee & Team Report(s)

  • Finance Team/ Marsha Williams, Chair
    • Nothing new to report.

  • Vitality Team/ Denise Demos, Chair
    • The Team did not meet in September.
    • The new sign for the parking lot was installed, and it looks great.
    • Denise reported on the signage for the door & windows, and decoration for the wall in the entryway.
    • The Team will meet this Saturday to plan Christmas and to get started on planning for 2019.

  • Communications Team/ Raylene Ewing, Chair
    • Raylene reported she is planning to create business-card style materials for promotion and marketing.
    • A volunteer has come forward to learn website and social-media upkeep, and training will begin soon.

Ongoing/Old Business:

  • Denise will stay in touch with Bob at Prosser Pianos to track the progress of the sale of our piano.
  • We still need to recruit one Board member to fill a vacancy.
  • MCFHC is offering the plaque on the outdoor sign at the former location if we want it.  Ann will approach a member about retrieving that as a keepsake.
  • Denise has the large “Unity” signs from the former building at her home refurbishing to install in the new space, if it’s possible.

New Business:

  • It was proposed that we purchase 2 Certificates of Deposit for $35,000 each for one-year terms.  The signers will be Rev. David Elliott as Senior Minister, Denise Demos as Ministry Assistant, and Marsha Williams as Treasurer.  Deb Burks moved.  Curtis seconded.  Motion passed.
  • Ann recommends using the side door only for handling garbage.  The back door is difficult to close & lock.  We will mark the back door with a sign “Emergency Exit Only.”
  • Rev. David will request 12 more keys to the meeting space, and will make more keys to the Accounting Office.
  • Marsha distributed updated agreements for Sunday Coordinators, based on the new meeting space rather than the former.
  • Kathy was selected to serve on the Nominating Team for the upcoming Annual Meeting.  Marsha moved.  Motion passed.
  • The next Board Prayer session is scheduled for November 1 at 7:00 pm.
  • The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for November 15 at 7:00 pm.

Closing Prayer – Rev. David

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