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September 20, 2018

Board Members present: Curtis Beech, Debora Burks, Rev. David Elliott, Kathy Hemion, Ann Sealy, Marsha Williams

Absent:  None

Also Attending:  Denise Demos (Ministry Asst.), Raylene Ewing (Associate Minister)

Quorum: A quorum was present.

Opening Prayer: Rev. David Elliott

Mission/Vision Statement: Affirmed by all present.

Check-In/High Watch:   Marsha held the high watch.


Secretary Report: Minutes from the August 2018 Board Meeting and August 16 Special Board Meeting were presented by Rev. David and Kathy Hemion.

Treasurer Report: A report on budget and finances was presented by Marsha Williams, with full discussion following.

Minister Report: Rev. David Elliott

  • Our Summer Series “Nonviolent Communication” ended on September 9, and it went very well, supporting our move in spiritual terms.
  • Spiritual Roundtable will resume with Faith in Action; Rev David has conducted orientation sessions for those interested in participating.
  • Our first Sunday in the new space was last Sunday, Sept. 16, and it went exceptionally well.  Special thanks to everyone who made it possible.
  • Efforts are still underway for livestreaming or video-recording our Sunday Celebrations.  We are researching and discussing how to get this online in a way that will make the greatest constructive impact on viewers.
  • 1 teenager will be attending the NW YOU Rally in October, so far.
  • Membership classes will be a focus as we move into 2019 in our new space.
  • Rev David may present “Financial Peace University” in 2019.
  • Our Community Picnic was held September 2.  It was well-attended and a lot of fun.  Special thanks to all who attended and participated.
  • There was no August event for our Sisters-in-Spirit Women’s Ministry in August, with efforts devoted to our Community  Picnic.
  • The September SiS event is this Sunday, with Carrie Avery Moriarty presenting “A Novel Approach to Writing.”
  • SIS Craft Circle has one more session this round.
  • Our annual Community Picnic is now scheduled for Sept. 2.
  • Planning is underway for the Chaplain Training in September.  They are also planning to attend the NW Region Conference on the day of workshops by Linda Martella-Whitsett.  That will suffice for training.
  • Rev. David reported that Associate Minister Raylene Ewing will be attending the Chaplain Train-the-Trainer event in Saint Johns FL next March.
  • Faith in Action begins on September 30, and planning continues.  The book will be “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown.
  • Rev. David is considering a Drum Circle Service on Sundays and is looking for the right support people to make it stable.

Committee & Team Report(s)

  • Finance Team/ Marsha Williams, Chair
    • Nothing new to report.

  • Vitality Team/ Denise Demos, Chair
    • There was no meeting in September, with efforts focused on the Church Picnic.
    • Rev. David and Denise reported on potential signage in the parking lot and on the door & windows.

  • Communications Team/ Raylene Ewing, Chair
    • We have new materials available for our Unity Basics workshops.
    • Raylene reported she would prefer to create our own brochures etc. rather than use the dated materials that are available.

Ongoing/Old Business:

  • Denise got all the paperwork done for the consignment sale of the baby grand piano through Bob at Prosser Pianos.  She is staying in touch to track the progress of the sale.
  • We still need to recruit one Board member to fill a vacancy.
  • MCFHC is offering the plaque on the outdoor sign at the former location if we want it.  Ann will approach a member about retrieving that as a keepsake.
  • MCFHC removed the large “Unity” signs from the former building, and Denise took them home for refurbishing to install in the new space, if it’s possible.

New Business:

  • The next Board Prayer session is scheduled for October 4 at 7:00 pm.
  • The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for October 18 at 7:00 pm.

Closing Prayer – Debora

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